RadiationKnowledge is a cloud-based quality improvement platform in radiation medicine, initiated in December 2015, which aims at sharing high quality clinical performance.


For the past two years, RadiationKnowledge focus was on radiotherapy, more specifically planning; gradually we will expand our activities to cover other fields of radiation medicine, such as Diagnostic Imaging.


RadiationKnowledge is the place where experts from all over the world are unified to improve commonly faced clinical issues, then the best practice will be shared.

Unifying global efforts to improve quality of common clinical process

  • Selecting a common global clinical issue / task
  • Defining objective quality evaluation criteria (Package)
  • Distributing the Package worldwide
  • Providing time to perform the task
  • Collecting the outcomes from participants
  • Evaluating the submitted tasks
  • Selecting the top quality performance
  • Sharing the best performance per clinical settings through Live Webinars, Short Videos, Documents, Forums & Social Media
Language is not a barrier

If you cannot speak English, it is OK, we can make the knowledge sharing activities in your language to deliver the message, language will never be a barrier between you and the best practice.

We are serving Patients

By sharing the best practice, all radiation professionals will be equipped with the best tools to deliver the best quality services for patients in every part of the world.

No Fees Required

We will NEVER request from any participant to pay any fees for the knowledge shared.

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