Radiotherapy Professional's Vision To Elevate Planning

Radiation treatment plans can differ in quality between planners. This quality variation is mainly caused by two factors. First, the capability of the treatment planning system and machine. Second, the users level of skill and understanding of how to operate the system and machine at their disposal.

In 2016, a Radiotherapy Plan Competition was organized to find the best planning techniques. A standard case was made available to all competing planners with criteria that would be measured objectively. It was designed to create a competitive environment that would improve the level of planning. Over 400 plans were received from all over the world. These plans were analyzed and the best ones were shared in webinars among the competitors.

The competition was the first step toward improving the quality in the most important aspect of radiotherapy which is planning. Future goals include expanding the scope of this initiative to all aspects of radiation in medicine.

It is our responsibility, as professionals, to provide services for our cancer patients with the best possible quality. Please join us in this initiative and be part of the quality improvement community.


Radiation Knowledge: To provide better cancer treatment through the sharing of knowledge.


The "Radiotherapy Plan Competition" was initiated and coordinated by Ahmed Nobeh who is an ABR certified therapuetic medical physicist at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is among the top ten scorers in the International Radiation Oncology Resources plan challenge for 2013, 2014, & 2015 in collaboration with the American Association of Medical Dosimetrists, using RapidArc technology.

Ahmad Nobeh

Ahmad's skills and passion are the driving force behind the initiative to find a way for planners to share knowledge among themselves. His vision is to create a forum of radiation knowledge that is informative, accessible, and ultimately leads to improvement in cancer treatment.


The following committees were created to form and develop the Radiotherapy Plan Competition.

Advisory Committee

Dr. Belal Moftah, Physicist, KFSH&RC-Riyadh, KSA

Dr. Waleed Al-Najjar, Physicist, KFSH&RC-Riyadh, KSA

Dr. Shada Ramahi, Physicist, KFSH&RC-Riyadh, KSA

Dr. Adnan Hebshi, Radiation Oncology, JHAH, KSA

Dr. Mahmoud Rana, Radiation Oncology, CHU, UK

Organizing Committee

Dr. Noha Jastaniyah, Radiation Oncology, KFSH&RC-Riyadh, KSA

Dr. Amin Al-Omair, Radiation Oncology, KFSH&RC-Riyadh, KSA

Dr. Hussein Al-Hussein, Radiation Oncology, KFMC-Riyadh, KSA

Dr. Nasser Al-Dhaibany, Radiation Oncology, KAMC-Jeddah, KSA

Mr. Ahmad Nobeh, Physicist, KFSH&RC-Riyadh, KSA

Ms. Christine Higby, Dosimetrist, OUHSC, USA

Mr. Yassir Al-Barakati, Physicist, KAMC-WR, KSA

Dr. Moamen Aly, Physicist, KFMC-Riyadh, KSA

Mr. Bilal Jalal, Physicist, KFSH-Dammam, KSA

Dr. Tarek El-Keissi, Physicist, NCCCR, Qatar

Mr. Abdallah Al Shareef, Adminstration, Saudi Food & Drug Authority, KSA

Scientific Committee

Dr. Omer Damerkaya, Physicist, KFSH&RC-Riyadh, KSA

Dr. Arib Mehanna, Physicist, KFSH&RC-Riyadh, KSA

Dr. Victor Gabriel, Physicist, INCA, Brazil

Mr. Ahmad Nobeh, Physicist, KFSH&RC-Riyadh, KSA

Web Design Committee

Mr. Mubin Shaikh, Physicist, Rochester Regional, USA

Ms. Rikka Maureen Santos, System Adminstrator, KFSH&RC-Riyadh, KSA

Mr. Imran Azhar, Professional Web Designer, USA