Competition Process

The Competition Process

This is an international competition for planners who want to improve their treatment planning skills. Here are the steps to compete:

1. Register for the competition.

2. Download case from the registration confirmation page.

3. Optimize radiotherapy plan at your own facility.

4. Upload optimized plan through the registration confirmation page.

5. Plan Evaluated by our scoring software.

6. Plan Scored by Radiation Knowledge officials.

7. Winners Announced and best scoring plans Identified on this website.

8. Webinars provided to top planners in several categories to share technique with other planners.

9. Re-plan and re-submit opportunity after webinar to interested planners.

Re-plan Evaluation:

1. Interested planners can re-plan the same case after the Webinars using the suggested guidelines in the document provided.

2. Their new plans will be evaluated and compared with the original plans. This will provide them with a quantitative measure of the improvement of their planning skills.