Feedback 2016

Testimonials From Plan Participants
I'm really impressed how much positive energy did you delivered to my working atmosphere. I don't have chances to meet and communicate very often with professionals like you - ready to share knowledge and help others. You reminded me why I signed for this job, I was starting to forget somehow. Thank you for that, sincerely.

Thank you for organizing such even, it helps us to better understand our planning system, because this competition pressures us to do better than our regular planning activity. Hope to see this event organize in the future

This is a great way to get the world looking together at one specific problem we face in the clinic. A competition can bring out the best in people which will ultimately be the best for a patient. Thank you for organizing this event and for sharing all the knowledge gained from it.

Dear organizers, Thank you very much for organising this kind of competition, it will definetly promote the planner to next level and they come to know whether they are doing best or need to improve their planning. Thank you,

Good Effort...Good Job...Good Service..spent More Patience for Patients..Good Luck to continue in upcoming year..Thanks for given a wonderful opportunity..

Thank you so much for the initiative in promoting such event. I believe that this type of thing promote the sharing of knowledge even better than conventional congress and conferences. Thank you for your time.

As I said earlier it was very pleasant to communicate with Ahmad ,he gave very quick and clear answers to my questions. And it was very intresting to take part in such competition. I think it is very useful for planners for improving their skills. Thank you very much!I hope that soon i will take part in another competition dedicateted to another clinical case (head and neck ,for me, will be the best :-))

Such a competition is a wondeful way to improve our skills, and so the treatment for our patients. Keep up the great work, I guess its required a lot of effort and time to organize it. Thank you again,

just one word : PERFECT

Thank-you for your dedication and hard work to help colleagues everywhere improve their skillset.

Many thanks for this competition it is a really good idea to show our work around the world. I stand for the next competition and I hope that will be head and neck localisation 🙂