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RadiationKnowledge | 1st Arabian Planning Competition

RadiationKnowledge® is pleased to launch the 1st Arabian Radiotherapy Plan Competition 2019.

This competition is exclusive to planners working in radiotherapy centers in Arab countries.


This competition is organized by King Fahad Specialist Hospital – Dammam, and sponsored by The Saudi Oncology Society (SOS) and The Saudi Assembly for Radiation Oncology (SARO).


Winners of the competition will be awarded a USD 500 prize. Participants with pioneer plans will be invited to attend an SOS meeting (Jeddah, 7-9 March 2019) to present and share their winning plans (tips, tricks and challenges).


The case selected for this competition is a standard risk medulloblastoma  for an 8 years old male patient. The radiotherapy treatment is a Craniospinal irradiation delivered in two phases. The first phase involves irradiation of the whole brain and spinal cord with a dose of 23.4 Gy in 13 fractions followed by a boost to Operative Bed and Residual with a dose of 30.6 Gy in 17 fractions. Treatment is based on COG Protocol #ACNS0331 and dose constraints are based on attached references1, 2.


In this competition, new score method is used. The score will be based on meeting planning constraints as well as on full DVH analysis. Moreover, analysis of the dose outside targets and organs-at-risk will be part of the plan score. More information of the case and scoring is available in the package document.


Submitted plans will be categorized into five categories based on the planning technique used. Prizes will be awarded to winners from each category (5 winners total). A planner may participate in all categories but submission will be limited to one plan in each planning category.