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Competition Results

The results will be announced at the IAEA ICARO-2 presentation

Shared Radiation Knowledge Breeds Excellence

The Radiation Knowledge website was created as a platform for physicists, dosimetrists and planners in Radiation Oncology. It is intended to share clinical planning techniques and innovative approaches to radiation treatment for cancer. Everyone benefits when experts share their experience and creativity. The website is designed to create an atmosphere of excellence through competition. Planners have an opportunity to submit their best work, compete with other professionals around the world, have dialogue with, and learn from the best.

Physicists, Dosimetrists and Planners exceed expectations

The International Conference on Radiation Medicine (ICRM2016) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia brought together physicists, dosimetrists, planners , physicians and students from all over the world. It was the obvious choice as the platform to launch the “ Radiotherapy Plan Competition ”. The competition offered all professionals in Radiation Therapy an opportunity to compete by creating an optimal radiation plan. Exceptional plans in all categories were submitted. This was a clear message that sharing radiation knowledge is valuable to physicists, dosimetrists and planners.

When Planners win cancer patients live

The winners of the 2016 Radiotherapy Plan Competition created plans that scored high in tumor dose delivery and provided minimum dose to organs at risk. They then shared the techniques they used to create the winning plan. This was a great opportunity for others to learn what is not ordinarily available.

The benefit of this competition lies beyond producing better plans for radiation treatment. It is about patients receiving the best treatment with the least harm resulting in surviving cancer with a better quality of life.

IAEA recognizes competition

Our first radiotherapy plan competition was recognized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).