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How We Improve Patient Care

Radiation Knowledge strives to develop the best global practices for cancer patients with a patient-centered approach regardless of their geographic location. Radiation therapy competitions are a contributing factor towards improving the overall radiotherapy practices. We and our competitions aim to assess the quality of patient management, compare different treatment strategies, set gold standards, and devise best practices, free of charge, to enable practitioners and planners to improve their quality of services.

No Language Barrier

With Radiation Knowledge, language is never an issue. Our content is translated into multiple languages so that the local resources can hone their skills and offer personalized clinical services.

Improved Patient Treatment Plans

Our ultimate goal is to help practitioners and planners develop the best treatment plans for cancer patients all across the globe.

Learn & Progress At No Cost

Radiation Knowledge registration and competitions are free for all planners.


We announce the competition dates on our website. You can register through our website once the date for the competition is available. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process. For any queries please contact us.

There are absolutely no charges. We strive to achieve improved patient care free of charge. It is a free knowledge investment.

Radiation therapy competitions are held online. These remote competitions allow participants from across the globe.

Radiation Knowledge provides open access to all cases of previous plan competitions. Interested planners can access the videos on the RK Youtube Channel to polish their skills by implementing the plans, strategies, and the guidelines of the top planners.

Success Stories

The testimonials from across the world have strengthened our belief in our motive. Here is a brief reflection of our success