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The main aim of the Radiotherapy Plan competition 2016 is to provide an opportunity for interested participants to take part and challenge themselves to achieve high-quality plans. The competition is for everyone, those who have already participated in the first competition (LT Breast case) and also for those who would like to join our community.

In this follow-up replan activity, the participants will an opportunity to plan this challenging LT Breast case using the guidance of the best planners in their corresponding TPS. The shared materials will the guidelines or directions for participants to achieve high-quality plans.

Primary Radiation Oncologist


Radiation Oncology Consultant
Specialty: Breast Cancer and Gynecological Malignancies Radiation Oncology Department
King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre

Left Breast Cancer

  • Case diagnosis Left Breast Cancer
  • Treatment Site: Left breast with axilla and supraclavicular lymph nodes
  • Target: PTV_TOT_EVAL
  • Dose Prescription: 50.0 Gy in 25fr
  • Protocol followed: RTOG-1304 (Criteria squeezed more!)
  • Techniques 3D-CRT, IMRT, VMAT
  • General plan criteria were set: # of field, single isocenter, energies, etc
  • Dose calculation grid should be less then 3mm
  • General plan should be deliverable (no couch / patient collision)

2016 Radiotherapy Plan Competition

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