In 2019, RK collaborated with renowned hospitals and universities to collect and share data, study plans, discuss clinical hurdles and clinical practices, and share knowledge with the researchers to enrich the field of radiation medicine. RK provides a platform to planners and researchers from across the world to work together as a team irrespective of the geographical location, that too at no cost. This sharing of knowledge helps in devising up-to-date and improved radiotherapy plans.

Healthcare Professionals

RK has established a social media presence which enables the healthcare professionals to discuss and share their clinical practices and clinical queries. Social media platforms of RK, such as WhatsApp, provide opportunity to planners to seek advice from the experts and guide others according to their expertise, in line with the internationally accepted protocol and standards.

Trainers and Trainees

The Radiotherapy Competitions don’t end when the competition is over and the winners are announced, infact, the knowledge shared during the competitions and the outiled strategies and plan have a long lasting impact. RK requests each of the top planners of the competition to submit a document sharing their planning strategy with the planners worldwide. This serves two-fold purposes. Globally the planners get opportunity to improve, and develop their skills and realize the power of their Treatment Planning System (TPS), and the trainees can also benefit from the data shared by the top planners to learn and follow the footprints.


As patients you should be at ease if your team of physicians refer to RadiationKnowledge for up-to-date, accurate, and best radiation plans. Top planners from across the globe gather virtually to discuss and define the guidelines. In other words, experts from different parts of the world vouch for the treatment you will receive if your team is connected to the RK platform.


RK believes in learning and improving. Therefore, we encourage initiative vendors to give suggestions and feedback that can aid in improving the skills of planners in the world. All suggestions are welcomed from training or even clinical perspectives.