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Radiation Knowledge (RK) is a global quality improvement platform in radiation medicine. RK was established in 2016 with the focus in the past four years on radiation therapy planning. Eight international radiotherapy planning competitions (eight advanced clinical cases) were successfully organized, then best planning strategies were presented by the best planners for all other planners in the world to learn from.

RK Community started with 400 planners from 55 countries in 2016. Now RK community reached more than 4000 participants from 3500 hospitals located in more than 100 countries around the globe, and the community is still growing.

IAEA Recognizes RK Importance
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recognizes the importance of RK efforts through allocating a dedicated web page on the IAEA Human Health Campus for RK events and activities. RK was also featured during the IAEA Conference on Advances of Radiation Oncology (ICARO2) in 2017, a proffered paper presentation was delivered during the Education and Training session (90 minute talk), RK IAEA Page. The video of the demo session is available on the IAEA RK page under “Related links”.

RK is a knowledge exchange channel for radiotherapy professionals to share their best practice. Planning was the first stage in radiotherapy workflow and will continue to cover all advanced cases and share make best planning strategies accessible to all planners in the world, and for all treatment planning systems. Other stages in RT (i.e. contouring, QA, treatment delivery, .. etc) will follow the same planning competition’s workflow, and it is coming.

Unifying Global Efforts On One Platform

RK aims at improving how professionals can implement clinical procedures through selecting a challenging scenario/case/situation that can be evaluated using objective quality metrics, then best performance will be shared with all performers.

This can be summarized as follows:

  • Identifying a common global clinical scenario/case/task
  • Defining objective quality evaluation criteria (Package)
  • Distributing the Package worldwide
  • Allowing participants to use their skills, experience, and clinically accepted creativity to perform the task
  • Collecting the outcomes from participants
  • Scoring/Evaluating the submitted tasks
  • Selecting the top-quality performance
  • Top performers share their best performance strategy via webinars, documents, forums & social media
No Language Barrier

Our content will be translated to many languages; language won’t be a barrier for planners to develop their skills and be able to provide patients with best clinical services.

Improved Patient Treatment Plans

Planners joining our community will be connected with experts and learn the best strategies to generate plans for cancer patient.

Learn & Progress At No Cost

If you are a passionate planner, join us and enjoy the company of best planners in the world, no need to pay, we may pay you for your skills .. Show us your talent.