Radiation Knowledge is a cloud-based global quality improvement platform in radiation medicine. Since the initiative in December 2015, Radiation Knowledge has strived for improving patient care by enhancing the quality of radiotherapy treatments and providing a platform for knowledge sharing and discussing common clinical problems faced by healthcare professionals across the globe, consequently devising best clinical practices. Radiation Therapy competitions are held to unify experts from across the globe to discuss strategies, interact with participants, and achieve high-quality treatment plans.

Radiation Knowledge and its radiotherapy competitions have devoted all efforts to improve radiotherapy plans for the past two years, and now other domains of radiation medicine like diagnostic imaging are on the horizon.

Uniting the globe to one platform

Radiation Knowledge aims to unify global efforts to enhance the quality of common clinical process in radiation oncology.

  • Identifying a common global clinical issue/task
  • Defining objective quality evaluation criteria (Package)
  • Distributing the Package worldwide
  • Providing time to perform the task
  • Collecting the outcomes from participants
  • Evaluating the submitted tasks
  • Selecting the top-quality performance
  • Knowledge sharing to highlight the best clinical performance through Live Webinars, Short Videos, Documents, Forums & Social Media
Multilingual / We speak your language

Afraid of a language barrier?
We translate into your language. Whichever language you speak, be it English, French, or Arabic, we got your back. We make sure to provide you the knowledge sharing activities in your language of choice.

Best Patient Care

We strive to provide the best quality services for patients worldwide, irrespective of their geographical location. Sharing radiation knowledge equips radiation professionals with the best treatment strategies.

Free of Cost Investment

You invest your knowledge, not money. We will never request the participants to pay any fees for knowledge sharing.