Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event

2020 Plan Competition

The coming event will not be a conventional planning competition. We are really excited to announce the new initiative soon .. Stay tuned.

Learning Community Section

Why to join Radiation Knowledge’s Growing Community

Radiation knowledge took the first initiative in 2016 by conducting an International Radiotherapy Plan Competition. Around 400 planners registered from 55 countries across the globe. The success of the 2016 radiation therapy competition compelled us to hold another competition in 2017 in which 1650 planners from 95 different countries registered. With the rising popularity, in 2018 RK organized four competitions-in-one, with close to 3300 registrations. In early 2019, we launched the first-ever Arabian Planning Competition, exclusively for unifying the planners in the Arab Region in collaboration with the Saudi Assembly for Radiation Oncology (SARO). Also in 2019, RK organized the 2019 Global Plan Competition in collaboration and sponsorship of the China Society of Medical Physics (CSMP).

Join us to be a part of the world’s biggest radiation therapy competition and connect with Radiation Knowledge’s ever-growing community.

See how RadiationKnowledge can benefit



RK provides a platform to planners and researchers from across the world to work together as a team irrespective of the geographical location, that too at no cost.


Healthcare Professionals

RK has established a community that enables healthcare professionals to discuss and share their clinical practices and clinical queries.

trainers and trainees

Trainers and Trainees

The knowledge shared during the competitions by the top planners of the competition is submitted as a document so that their planning strategy can benefit trainees worldwide.



As patients, you should be at ease if your team of physicians refers to RadiationKnowledge for up-to-date, accurate, and best radiation plans.



We encourage initiative vendors to give suggestions and feedback that can aid in improving the skills of planners in the world.

Competition Process

Step 01
Participant Registration
Step 02
Competition Brief
Step 03
Plan Submission
Step 04
Plan Selection
Step 05
Winner Announcement

55 countries in 2016

95 countries in 2017

100 countries in 2018

Number of Countries

Competition Live Webinars Section

Competition Live Webninars

The primary aim of Radiation knowledge is to ensure the best quality radiation treatments for patients worldwide. The Radiotherapy Plan competition promotes improved quality of patient care globally by sharing and defining the best practices among healthcare professionals. Participants and the top planners of the competition can interact via the “Knowledge Sharing for Better Quality” Webinars to discuss the clinical problems and the relevant strategies. This sharing of practical knowledge helps in devising high-quality treatment plans.

Why RadiationKnowledge Section

Why RadiationKnowledge

Radiation knowledge has a patient-centered approach. We thrive and strive to develop the best global practices for cancer patients. Radiation therapy competitions are the largest of its kind. Radiation knowledge and its competitions aim to assess the quality of patient management, compare the different treatment strategies worldwide, set gold standards, and devise best practices, without any charges, just to enable practitioners or planners to improve the quality of services.

Multilingual / We speak your language

Afraid of a language barrier?
We translate into your language. Whichever language you speak, be it English, French, or Arabic, we got your back. We make sure to provide you the knowledge sharing activities in your language of choice.

Best Patient Care

We strive to provide the best quality services for patients worldwide, irrespective of their geographical location. Sharing radiation knowledge equips radiation professionals with the best treatment strategies.

Free of Cost Investment

You invest your knowledge, not money. We will never request the participants to pay any fees for knowledge sharing.


We announce the competition dates on our website. You can register through our website once the date for the competition is available. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process. For any queries please contact us.

There are absolutely no charges. We strive to achieve improved patient care free of charge. It is a free knowledge investment.

Radiation therapy competitions are held online. These remote competitions allow participants from across the globe.

Radiation Knowledge provides open access to all cases of previous plan competitions. Interested planners can access the videos on the RK Youtube Channel to polish their skills by implementing the plans, strategies, and the guidelines of the top planners.

Success Stories

The testimonials from across the world have strengthened our belief in our motive. Here is a brief reflection of our success

Towards improved cancer treatments through education, knowledge sharing, and clinical development.

CompitetionResults Announced Congratulations Winners

Upcoming Events

2020 Plan Competition

The coming event will not be a conventional planning competition. We are really excited to announce the new initiative soon .. Stay tuned.